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Welcome to the most complete resource on waterjet machining on the Web

This web site offers information for novices who want to learn about waterjet technology, and resources for experts who already have equipment.

Learn about waterjets

abrasive waterjet nozzleHow do waterjets work? What are the basic principles involved? What are the various parts of a waterjet? Who uses waterjets? These (and other) questions are answered in the About Waterjets section.

What can I make with waterjets?

friction pad cut with abrasive waterjetTake a look at what other people have made with waterjets, from aluminum palm trees to wooden electric guitars and see the wide range of materials and shapes that waterjets can achieve.

Have your part made with a waterjet

Drawing of a waterjet partHave you got a part that you want made using a waterjet? We have listings for over 400 job shops across the United States and around the world. Whether it's a one-off part or a production run, these job shops can help make your vision a reality.

Buy a waterjet

abrasive waterjet machining systemWell, we won't actually sell you a waterjet, but we've got lots of pointers on how to go about deciding what you want in your waterjet. And when you're ready to shop around, we've got a list of waterjet manufacturers for you.

Getting the most from your waterjet

abrasive waterjet cutting brass fixtured with weightsIf you already own a waterjet, you'll want to check out our articles on how to get even more from your waterjet. Articles in this section help you learn how to lower maintenance costs, increase precision and improve efficiency.



abrasive waterjet discussion groupThe Waterjet Discussion Group is a great place to discuss waterjets with other waterjet owners. Talk to others who have faced the same challenges and learn from their mistakes (instead of from your own!). Need to know how fast a material cuts? How to dispose of waste material? Where to find used equipment? All these questions (and more) are posed in the discussion group. 


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